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Name The title E-mail
Hu Zhang Dean zhh11497@sina.com
Jifu Lin Party secretarty, Assistant dean 暂无
Yingmei Xu Assistant dean 暂无
Hong Liu Assistant dean 暂无
Jianming Liu Deputy Secretary of the Party committee liujianming@moe.edu.cn
Jinhua Chang Assistant dean Jhchang7199@163.com
Yuanhe Zhang the Organizer of the Party Committe of the School 暂无
Wei Liu Director of Management office 暂无
Fengxu Fang Director of Student Affairs office 暂无
Tong Shen Scientific secretary 暂无
Ping Chen Teaching secretary 暂无
Xiafang Shi Graduate counselors 暂无
Pingan Wang Undergraduate counselors 暂无
Rong Hu Undergraduate counselors 暂无
Yao Hu Undergraduate counselors 暂无
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