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Yongsheng Jiang
The title Associate Professor Office Address: Contact Information: Telephone:
Email: jiangysATznufe.edu.cn

Yongsheng JIANG: Curriculum Vitae


Yongsheng JIANG, E-mail:jiangysATznufe.edu.cn

Address: School of Statistics and Mathematics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan 430073, P.R.China.


I am interested in nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations that appear in Physics. For example, I have studied the existence and properties of solutions to the stationary nonlinear Schrodinger Poisson equation by applying variation method and some techniques in partial differential equation.


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1.Tianyuan Fund of Mathematics (11126313): On stationary Schrodinger Poisson Slater equation (20012. 01-20012. 12)

2.National Natural Science Foundation of China (11201486): On a nonlinear elliptic system with nonlocal terms, 01/2013-12/2015.