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Lin Jin
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Email: jinlin@znufe.edu.cn

Lin Jin


Statistical models and its application

(Ph.D., Zhongnan University of Finance and Law, 2013)


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Email: jinlin@znufe.edu.cn



Jin Lin, male, currently is a lecturer of School of Statistics and Mathematics in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

Selected Publications

1. "Empirical analysis on the relationship between economic growth and fiscal revenue with nonparametric regression", "Statistics and Decision" 2013(2)

2. "Evaluation of Accuracy of Chinas GDP Data with Semiparametric Model1953-2010", "Statistical Research" 2012(10)

3. "Expenditure-based semi-parametric model of the relationship between research and economic growth", "Public Finance Research" 2012(10)

4. "Economic Growth and Convergence with panel unit root test," "Journal of Chongqing Technology and Business University" 2012(10)

5. "Research on development of circular economy in Hubei Province based on artificial neural network", "Statistics and Decision" 2011(24)

6. "Logistic regression model - an application to Students Employment factor analysis," "Economics and Trade" 2007(4)


Currently Teaching

Generalized Linear Models

Statistical Case Studies

Statistical Software