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Haibo Chen
The title Associated Professor Office Address: Contact Information: Telephone: 02788385285
Email: hiboo_chen@sohu.com

Haiobo Chen

Associated Professor
Applied Mathematics
(Ph.D., Wuhan University, 2008)

Contact Information:

Office: 02788385285
Email: hiboo_chen@sohu.com

Research Interest:

Symbolic Dynamical Systems ∙ Ergodic Theory ∙ Combinatorics ∙ Metrical Number Theory ∙ Fractal Geometry ∙ Economic Theory


1.The multifractal spectra of certain planar recurrence sets in the continued fraction dynamical system. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 2015(422): 1264C1276, (with Zhixiong Wen and Min Yu).

2.The Hausdorff dimension of certain sets in a class of alpha-Luroth expansions. SCIENCE CHINA-Mathematics, 2014(57): 303C313, (with Zhixiong Wen).

3.The waiting spectra of the sets described by the quantitative waiting time indicators. SCIENCE CHINA-Mathematics, 2014(57): 2335C2346, (with Junmin Tang).

4. Hausdorff dimension of the graph of the error-sum function of alpha-Luroth series. Turkish Journal of Mathematics, 2014(38): 803-811, (with Wenbo WANG, Min Yu).

5. The fractional dimensions of intersections of the Besicovitch sets and the ErdösCRnyi sets. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 2013(401): 27-39, (with Zhixiong Wen).

6. Dimensions of level sets related to tangential dimensions.  Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 2008(340): 959C967, (with Zhixiong Wen and Yin Xiong).


Mathematical Analysis ∙ Linear Algebra ∙ Computing Method ∙Actuarial Mathematics