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Ying Wang
The title Associate Professor Office Address: Contact Information: Telephone:
Email: wyxiaoxiao123@163.com

Ying Wang

Department: Mathematics and Quantitative Economics  

Professional Title: Associate Professor

E-mail: wyxiaoxiao123@163.com

Research Field: Complex differential equation, Financial Mathematics


Education background

2009.10-2011.03    Freie Universität Berlin, Ph.D

2005.09-2011.06    Wuhan University, Ph.D

2001.09-2005.07    Henan Normal University, Bachelor


Professional experenice

2011.07-2013.08  Zhongnan University of Economics and Law  Lecturer
2013.09 ---      Zhongnan University of Economics and Law  Associate Professor



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2. Ying wang, Tri-harmonic boundary value problems in a sector, Complex variables and elliptic equations,59(5):732-749, 2014.

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8.He Fuli, Du Jinyuan, Wang Ying, Arepresentation of sl(2;c) on clifford algebra of even dimension, Wuhan university journal of natural sciences, 16(6):461-464, 2011.

9.Ying wang, Jinyuan Du, Mixed boundary value problems with a shift for a pair of metaanalytic and analytic functions, Journal of mathematical analysis and applications,369:510-524,2010.

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Research Projectú║

1. Research about boundary value problems in sectorsúČthe Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry, 2013.

2. The Riemann-Hilbert approach based on boundary value problems, Tianyuan Foundation, 2014.

3.The Riemann-Hilbert approach and applications in economicsúČthe Fundamental

Research Funds for the Central Universities, 2014.