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Yanqing Wang
The title Associate professor, Master¡¯s tutor Office Address: Contact Information: Telephone: +86-27-88385332
Email: yanqingwang@znufe.edu.cn

Yanqing WANG

Associate professor, Master¡¯s tutor

Probability Theory and Statistics

(Ph.D., Wuhan University, 2009)


Office Address

325, School of Statistics and Mathematics

No.128 Nanhu Avenue


Contact Information:





Yanqing WANG, female, born in September 1978, Xiangyang Hubei, doctor, is a member of Chinese Democratic League, the director of section of applied statistics and masters supervisor. Her current research interest includes probability limit theory and its application, branching process and its application, market survey and quality control, and financial econometrics. She has published more than 10 papers in ¡°Science Sinica Mathatics¡±, ¡° Acta Mathatics Sinica¡±, ¡°Electronic Journal of Probability¡±, ¡°Statistics and Probability Letters¡± and other national authoritative academic journals. In 2013, She was awarded the title of WENLAN young scholar by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. She is chairing a National Natural Science Fund project (No. 11401590 ) and a Foundation of Ministry of Education (No. 12YJCGJW015), and has completed one National Natural Science Fund project (No. 11226212), one teaching reform project and one student course construction project.



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2.Yanqing Wang, Moderate deviations for the energy of charged polymer, Stat. Prob. Letters, 2013.

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10.Yanqing Wang, Fuqing Gao, Deviation inequality for the number of k-cycles in a random graph. Wuhan university Journal of Natural Sciences, 2009.


Currently teaching:


Survey Sampling

Statistical Forecasting and Decision Making

Time Series Analysis

Non-parameter Statistics

Advanced Mathematical Statistics