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Yinglai Shi
The title Postgraduate Tutor Office Address: Contact Information: Telephone:
Email: shiyinglai@sina.com

Yinglai Shi (Postgraduate Tutor)


Mathematical and Financial Statistics at Wenbo Building 3th Floor , Department of Statistics and Mathematics


Email: shiyinglai@sina.com

Personal Web Page: http://infoschool.znufe.edu.cn/content.asp?id=3442


Positions Held:  

•Professor(Ph.D.) of Mathematical and Financial Statistics, Department of Statistics and Mathematics, Zhongnan University of Economic and Law, 2006-

•Board of social economic systems engineering in Systems Engineering Society of China 

•Senior member of China association for science and technology and Statistical education society of China



•Ph.D. in Economics, Zhongnan University of Economic and Law, 2003 

•M.S. in Economics, Zhongnan University of Finance and Economic, 1984 

•B.S. in Economics, Hubei College of Finance and Economics, 1980


Primary Research:

•Methods and applications of economics
•Service and its impact on economic growth
•Quality control in manufacturing enterprises



•Measurement in exponential smoothing ¦Á, Excellent Award of natural science (third prize )

•More than 30 academic these at professional periodicals as Statistics&Decision¡¢Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics¡¢Journal of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

•Financial supporting system of China¡¯s minor enterprises and Statistical Research on tertiary industry development in China in the scientific research project of National Bureau of Statistics (principal researcher)

•The development of service and its impact on employment in Hubei, the second prize of Hubei¡¯s first economic census research projects in Hubei¡¯s first economic census (principal researcher)

•Principal researcher or researcher in several scientific research projects and lateral researches of Hubei Bureau of Statistics, Excellent award of scientific research of Hubei Bureau of Statistics twice (second prize ) 


Current Publications: 

1.The time series econometric modeling of Chinas defense expenditure, Statistics&Decision, No.10.2005

2.Factor analysis to explore the urbanization in China, Statistics&Decision, No.5.2006

3.The overall output value of tertiary industry and GDP in co-integration analysis, Statistics&Decision, No.6.2006

4.The development of service and its impact on employment in Hubei,  Principal researcher in the research of Hubei¡¯s first economic census (won the second prize of Hubei¡¯s first economic census research projects)  

5.The actuarial model of employer¡¯s pension based on ARMA(p,q), The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics, No,11,2008

6.An empirical study on relationship between econimic development and economic growth in Hubei, Journal of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, No.6.2011

7.Research on early-warning index system and integrated warning of real estate, Statistical Research, No.11.2011

8.Research on relationship between urbanization and levels of economic development, Statistics&Decision, No.21.2011

9.Lateral research:Market investigations and market developments (200 thousand-research funds)

10.Treatise: Statistical Research on tertiary industry development in Hubei, Huazhong normal university press, 2012

11.Economic predictions & Strategic dominance, Yi Wen Publishing Military, 1996

12.Economics, Wuhan university press, 1993
13.Necessary Fundamental Knowledge of Statistics, China financial &economic publishing house, 2002

14.co-authored Encyclopedia of socio-economic statistics¡¢Input-output table of Wuhan¡¢Economic Encyclopedia


Currently Teaching:

   Statistics ¡¢Economics