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Guoxiang LU
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Email: E-mail:guoxiang_lu@163.com

Guoxiang LU


Contact Information:

E-mail: guoxiang_lu@163.com

Information theory, Applied probability and statistics, Financial mathematics, Analysis of complex networks

(Ph.D. Nankai University, 2009)



Dr. Guoxiang Lu received his Ph.D. in 2009 from Nankai University. He joined ZNUEL in July, 2009. His reseach interets include information theory and its applications, applied probability and statistics, financial mathematics, analysis of complex networks. 


Academic Positions

Postdoc, School of Economics, Nankai University, January 2014 - Present

Lecturer, School of Statistics and Mathematics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, July 2009 - Present



2004 - 2009  PH.D. in Mathematics    Nankai University, China
2000 - 2004   B.A. in Mathematics     Nankai University, China



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