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     The School of Statistics and Mathematics at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, which can be dated from the Department of Statistics in 1951, was founded on the former Department of Information Technology in March 2010. As an institution of education and research, the School takes Statistics as the core discipline and covers other disciplines including Applied Economics, Mathematics, and Management.

     Began in1951, Statistics, which is one of the earliest established discipline of the country, has undertaken a number of national and provincial key projects; In 2013, it was graded for the fourth time as the (first-class) provincial key subject. Mathematics, with strong applications as its feature in the School, includes two undergraduate majors (Information and Computational Science, Financial Mathematics) and one graduate major (Management Science and System Engineering). Quantitative Economics, as one of the oldest subjects in the university, is also the provincial key subject, and it has a complete system for cultivation of master, doctor and postdoctor. The School has launched several programs: (1) Undergraduate program in Statistics, Qualitative Economics, and Information and Computational Science; (2) Academic Master program in six sub-disciplines: Economic Statistics, Applied Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Financial Statistics, Quantitative Economics, and Management Science and System Engineering (Operations research direction); (3) Professional Master program in Applied Statistics; (4) Ph.D. program in Statistics, it presently includes five sub-disciplines: Economic Statistics, Applied Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Financial Statistics, Quantitative Economics; (5) Postdoctoral program in Statistics and Quantitative Economics. 

     The School of Statistics and Mathematics is now comprised of four departments: Department of Statistics, Department of Mathematical and Financial Statistics, Department of Mathematics and Quantitative Economics, and Department of Mathematics Teaching and Research Center. There are four research institutes (centers) in the university which is closely integrated with the School: Research Institute of Big Data Statistical Decision and Analysis, Research Institute of Financial Mathematical, Research Center for Quantitative Economics, Research Center for Market Survey and Data Analysis. The School has a contingent of teachers and researchers with extensive research interests and well-knit scholarly work. It has more than 85 teachers, among which two have been awarded "Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Hubei Province", one is the "Famous Teacher in Huber Province", 13 are full professors, 38 are associated professors, 9 are doctoral supervisors, 46 are master supervisors and 34 are lecturers (most of which have been awarded Ph.D.). In addition, more than 10 renowned scholars from the country or overseas are supported either by "Chu Tian Scholar", "Chu Tian Young Scholar", or by "Wenlan Scholar" of the University. Currently studying in the School are 897 undergraduates, 304 postgraduates. The School takes every effort to facilitate both their learning in the University and off-campus practice in companies, its students employment rate has maintained a high ranking in comparison with that of other schools of the University and the graduates have been highly praised by all sectors of the society.

     The School of Statistics and Mathematics places teaching as the center of its work. It seeks to strengthen its students command of basic knowledge, encourage its students to select courses outside their respective majors, teach its students in accordance with their aptitude, and improve their ability to adjust to society.     The School has a very good environment for fostering young talents, the Supervisor Forum, Academic Salon and a series of lectures on Statistics and Qualitative Economics would guide the students to the frontiers of the related fields. Meanwhile, it has established a number of scholarships for students: the Lizhi Scholarship, the Renmin Scholarship, Huawei Scholarship, etc.

     The School of Statistics and Mathematics places a considerable amount of emphasis on research and international cooperation. Faculty members are active in writing academic books, publishing  approximately 32 coursebooks, 24 monographs in the last five years. They have also frequently produced original research results and published academic papers: about 200 papers in the last five years, 80 of which are SCI. The Schools excellent achievements are also evidenced by its performance in working on the projects: 19 are supported by National Natural Science Fund, 6 are supported by National Social Science Fund, 7 are supported by Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education, 70 are supported by the Provincial or the Ministerial Fund. The School has always attached great importance to international exchanges and cooperation. It tries every possible way to invite renowned scholars to give lectures. In the meantime, a lot of faculty members have been sent to countries and regions including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan to either study or conduct cooperative research; Dozens of scholars have also been sent outside the country each year for short term visiting or attending international conferences. With the aim of cultivate talents with international view, several undergraduates and graduates international joint schemes has been launched, such as those with Curtin University of Technology (Australia) , University of Glasgow (England).

     During the Twelfth Five-Years period, the School has made significant improvements in developing programs in both Statistics, Qualitative Economics and Mathematics. This leads to a solid background for future development. From Economic Statistics to Big Data, the School of Statistics and Mathematics grasps every opportunity, during the Thirteenth Five-Years, to build itself into an institute of Statistics education and research that not only plays a leading role in Central China but also exerts an important impact in China. Lets hand in hand together to make progress and devote to build our university into the first-class comprehensive university of humanities and social sciences of our country!