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How to Apply


We offer four ways that you can apply for our graduate programs.

Summer Camp Admissions

    A summer camp in statistics will be held by our school every year in July, and it attracts most talented and outstanding undergraduate students to participate. During the summer camp, there will be several lectures, workshops and written examinations, from which we may give offer to those students who presents a high competence and qualification. You can get information about the summer camp several in the homepage of our website months earlier before it is held and send your application materials via mail in order to join in.

Postgraduate Candidates Exempt from Exam Admission

    In every September, we offer admission to those outstanding undergraduate students without taking the NEEP (the National Entrance Examination for Postgraduate). You can check the official website (URL: http://yz.chsi.com.cn/tm/) for further information. Basically, you should have a solid academic background in your undergraduate study, including (but not limited to) a high GPA, a CET-6 score, scientific research experience, a relevant major (Math, Statistics, Economics, Management, Computer, Engineering, etc.) and a piece of recommendation letter. You have to submit your materials online (URL: http://yz.chsi.com.cn/tm/) and then take the written examinations and interview (not the NEEP) in our school.

The National Entrance Examination for Postgraduate

    You can get prepared and take part in the NEEP, which is held in January each year. It consists of 4 subjects: Math, English, Politics and Subject. The Subject may differ depending on which major you are going to apply. However, official exam guidelines will be available 3 or 4 months before the exam is held as you can better prepare for the exam. You can also check the official website (URL: http://yz.chsi.com.cn/) for further information.

Apply Online (for foreign students only)

    Please refer to International Education School (URL: http://ies.znufe.edu.cn/) for further admission information on academics, scholarship, language program and other requirements.