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Masters Program

    The masters program is one of the most selective masters programs, attracting students with quantitative and analytical qualification in China.

    Our masters degree consists of MSc (Master of Science) which takes 2 years, as well as MPhil (Master of Philosophy) which requires 3 years of study.

    The MSc degree is majored in Applied Statistics, and the MPhil degree includes Statistics, Quantitative Economics and Management Science majors. Specifically, the MPhil of Statistics has 3 different sub-majors: Financial Statistics, Economical Statistics and Applied Statistics.

    To get an MSc degree, students are required to complete 5 core courses: Applied multivariate statistical Analysis, Applied Time Series Analysis, Market survey and sampling techniques, Statistical Software, Study on Applied Statistical Cases, as well as several specialized courses and a piece of master thesis. These graduate students are equipped with strong ability to dealing with practical problems by using statistical software and quantitative thinking qualifications.

    To get an MPhil degree, students are required to complete core courses, specialized courses and a piece of master thesis. MPhil students are trained more academically by writing papers, attending workshops and publishing academic achievements. Thus, years of academic training enables these graduate students to explore innovative things and analyze in a more quantitative perspective.

    Our graduates are highly competitive in the job market, especially in mid- and southern- China, with a 100% employment rate in the past few years. They get job offers ranging from Financial company (banks, securities, funds, etc.), to new technologies (Internet Company, Telecommunications Company and new start-ups) government agencies and so on.

Doctoral Program

    Doctoral studies is intended to prepare students for a career in research and teaching at the University level, scientific institutions, government, and enterprises for statistics /economical application or relevant management.

    The study period for typical full-time Ph.D. students are 3 years, with no exceeding to 8 years. We offer majors of Statistics and Quantitative Economics.

    The key contents of doctor training are scientific research and academic dissertation, which are the comprehensive trainings for students to conduct scientific research or undertake professional technical work. Moreover, it is the main link of training the innovation ability and capacity of finding, analyzing and solving problems depending on the comprehensively education background. To fulfill the dissertation, there are proposal meeting, mid-term inspection, dissertation appraisal and oral defense.

    Students of the program are expected to have a solid and comprehensive education background, and acquire the skills for undertaking complicated tasks either in academic work or in other settings, especially in information gathering, synthesizing ideas and critical thinking.